Business VoiceEdge™ Virtual PBX

    Introduce your company to the cloud. With Business VoiceEdge™ you'll have a cloud-based, Virtual PBX service loaded with calling features that reduce capital expenditures for telephony.

    Choosing Hosted Voice

    Comcast Business offers a complete portfolio of Hosted Voice services — for every size enterprise business — that’s supported by the largest private voice-over-IP (VoIP) network in the country. Learn more about what hosted voice means for your business.

    Business VoiceEdge: The Power of Cloud-Based Services

    Business VoiceEdge outperforms traditional PBX products, with lower costs, simpler management, and greater scalability. Watch our video to learn more.

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    “The Time for Hosted Voice is Now.”

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    Want to cut costs?

    Try our cost-comparison tool to see how much you might save each month when you choose our Business Voice services.

    4 free apps to boost productivity

    Get click-to-call capabilities with our apps, included at no charge with your Business VoiceEdge service.

    Features & Add-ons

    Included Features

    • Caller ID Audio Conferencing
    • Shared call Shared call appearance
    • Busy lamp Busy lamp field
    • Auto attendant Automated Attendant

    Available add-ons

    • Call Queue Agent - Basic
    • Receptionist console
    • Additional voicemail boxes  

    Why is Business VoiceEdge™ Right for Your Company?

    • Affordable and predictable monthly costs
    • Reliable
    • Network based features enable

    -better disaster recovery

    -more efficient mobile integration

    -automatic upgrades as they become available
    • Be Anywhere: Seamless connectivity lets you take business calls on any device, wherever you are.

    Delivering Enterprise Value:

    • Manage your capital expenditures - without cutting functionality
    • Reduce total cost of ownership
    • Improve productivity of your mobile workforce
    • Enhanced business continuity
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