Threat detection and mitigation functionality is available as an add-on with Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI) services. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Mitigation gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you have the option to help protect your business against DDoS attacks and improve business continuity.

Don't let cyberattacks devastate your business

DDoS is a type of cybersecurity attack that makes a network asset unavailable by flooding a target with malicious traffic to overload the systems, interrupting normal operations and preventing legitimate requests. The attacker uses thousands of unique IP addresses from a variety of connected addresses from a variety of connected devices. These cyberattacks can render services unavailable or impacted or as a diversion to a future attack.

Comcast Business DDoS Mitigation Service

A threat defense, detection, alert, and mitigation service to address DDoS volumetric or flood, State/TCP Exhaustion and application layer attacks on your Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet service consists of:
  • Two types of subscription-based offerings
  • Proactive detection and alerting of real-time attacks via email, SMS, or both
  • Experienced provider monitoring and protecting vital network infrastructures and mitigating attacks daily
We monitor network traffic for a specific set of IP addresses. When an attack is detected, you receive an alert by email, text message, or both. When suspect or malicious traffic to your network is detected, it can be dropped or rate limited as a first line of defense as well as directed to the geographically closest scrubbing center. Clean, legitimate traffic is then forwarded to your network through secure tunneling, enabling Internet uptime through the attack.

Stopping DDoS attacks in four stages, 24x7x365

  1. Detection: detects DDoS attacks in seconds and alerts customers of the attack
  2. Drop & Rate Limiting: drops and Rate Limit Layer 3 or Layer 4 malicious traffic at the edge of the network
  3. Diversion: diverts BGP Route Layer 7 traffic to multivendor scrubbing centers across the nation
  4. Delivery: cleans traffic delivered to customer via a secure tunnel

DDoS Mitigation Service Options

Service options take into account a customer’s security sensitivities, likely attack frequency, and time period. A customer can choose from two subscription-based service options and associated mitigation options:

Incident-based Subscription

Unlimited Subscription

Benefits for your business

Proactive detection and alerts – warns of common DDoS attack factors
Peace of mind – thwarts attacks before disrupting business operations


Cloud-based – requires no equipment to install or manage on premise

Experienced – constantly monitors and protects vital network infrastructure


Customer support – highly responsive customer support available 24x7x365

High performance – scalable solution for any attack size with little impact
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