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Comcast Business Connection Pro

  • Simple, yellow icon depicting a check mark. Automatic 4G LTE wireless backup
  • Simple, yellow icon depicting a check mark. Up to 8 hours of backup battery power
  • Simple, yellow icon depicting a check mark. Reliable commercial-grade solution

No power? No problem.

Stay connected, even if your power or Internet service goes out. Our automatic 4G LTE backup connection can keep Comcast Business Internet customers up and running so they can keep their business going. That’s peace of mind at an affordable cost.

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4G LTE wireless connectivity kicks in automatically — you don’t have to do anything.


Battery backup is included, for up to 8 hours of power with surge protection.


Add to any Comcast Business Internet for backup.
Connection Pro hardware

All-in-one system

Connection Pro fits easily within the workplace and comes with:
  • Cellular router: for auto-failover and fallback
  • Universal power supply: supports essential business functions
  • External antenna: extends reach for quality cellular coverage 
  • Professional installation