Elevate guest experiences with next-level WiFi

WiFi Pro helps keep you fast and customers connected on up to four separate networks. Plus, promote special offers with a custom splash page. And get reliable coverage all throughout your business.

Lock in your rate for 5 years when you get Gig-speed Internet and security

We’re bringing together speed, security, reliability, and now a price guarantee, so you can have total peace of mind for your business. Offer ends 8/21/24.

Faster WiFi for guests. More control for you.

Our advanced system lets you offer customers, vendors, and guests a fast, reliable WiFi connection while giving you even more control over your network. Plus, get reports and promotional tools to help you enhance in-store experiences.

Easy-to-use, anywhere management

With one mobile-friendly online portal you can easily set up and manage WiFi networks. Plus:

Multiple networks

Offer access to customers, vendors, and guests — along with the private WiFi you need to help run business more securely and efficiently.

Market your business

Build a branded, custom splash to feature real-time offers, integrate social media accounts, list operation hours, and more. 

Be Ready

More ways to help you stay protected

WiFi Pro lets you monitor activity on your network, filter undesirable content, and receive alerts for unauthorized access. And we can help you be even more prepared for the unexpected.   

Comcast Business Internet keeps you fast – and many plans include cybersecurity with threat intelligence that updates and refreshes every 5 minutes. And at checkout, you can add 4G LTE backup so you can help stay connected even if you lose power. 

Let’s find some deals in your area

Shop plans available in your area now — most offers can be ordered online with professional installation available with convenient appointment windows.
Restrictions apply: Not available in all areas. Comcast Business WiFi Pro and Connection Pro each require Comcast Business Internet and leased router. Backup times vary depending on number of connected devices and is not guaranteed.