Mobile device screen close-up of WiFi Pro app showing how to create networks, connect an access point, and use WiFi.


Comcast Business WiFi Pro

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Get WiFi that helps prepare your business for what’s to come

Plan, pivot, and push forward in a bold, new way with analytics and insights to make informed decisions, enhance in-store experiences, and more. 

A powerful all-in-one tool

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Anytime, anywhere control

A mobile-friendly online portal makes it easy to set up and manage WiFi networks for both employees and guests. Plus:

  • Turn networks on and off at scheduled times
  • Assign bandwidth limits to guest networks
  • Get access to data and reports
  • Restrict access to undesirable sites
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Enhanced marketing and promotion

Help promote your business by building a custom splash page that customers see when they connect to the network. 

  • Link to your business website and social media accounts
  • Announce daily specials
  • Share news
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Advanced features and monitoring

Stay in control of how and when users access your network. Help safeguard your network with advanced features.

  • Restrict unwanted traffic with content filtering 
  • Get alerts when there are unauthorized access points installed on your network
  • Set limits to when your network is active
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Added protection with Comcast Business SecurityEdge

Comcast Business SecurityEdge helps protect all devices connected to your network.

  • Automatically scans for new threats every 10 minute
  • Allows you to block employees and guests from accessing compromised sites and links
  • Easily monitor activity in real time on a personalized dashboard