Add a little atmosphere with news, local channels, weather, and more

Keep visitors entertained and employees in the know with 5 X1 for Business TV packages. Private Viewing TV is just right to help pass the time in private offices, lobbies, and break and waiting rooms. 

Private TV entertainment choices give downtime an upgrade

Get the X1 for Business viewing experience and give guests, clients, and employees live TV, sports, streaming apps, and music all in one place. Plus, use our award-winning Voice Remote to search across everything using voice commands.



A great mix of major broadcast channels plus educational, local, shopping, and government channels.



Features children’s programming and news networks along with the Basic channels.



Offers Select channels plus affordable access to top-rated news and entertainment programming.



Adds popular news, sports, music, and entertainment networks to the Variety plan.



Enhances our Standard plan with a fully loaded lineup of business, sports, news, and entertainment networks.

Check out the Comcast Business TV Channel Lineup

See what’s available at your location so you get the right TV package for your business. 

Give everyone more of what they like

Personalize the entertainment experience with our add-on packages for your business TV service.

Sports and Entertainment Package

Premium programming including NFL Red Zone, Country Music Television, and Crime and Investigation.

Canales Selecto Package

Top networks with Spanish-language programming, plus CNN en Espanõl, ESPN Deportes, and Cinelatino.

Music Choice Package

50 channels of commercial-free music, from pop and hip hop to country and classical. 

X1 for Business: the ultimate entertainment experience

Now complete your private TV solution 

Bundle fast, reliable Internet with Business TV and save. And when extended Internet coverage is needed at your location, add a fast WiFi connection that lets you create separate WiFi networks. One for visitors, one for work.

Want help choosing a plan?

  • Our technology experts are ready to answer your questions and help you find a plan.
  • Tell us about your business and we’ll suggest plans — and offers — based on your setup.