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Audio Conferencing Deserves a Place in Your Business Strategy

User-first approach to audio conferencing has turned the frustratingly ordinary into something simple and extraordinary.

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Gaining Traction through Training

Setting expectations and giving people the tools they need helps foster a shared culture.

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Managing the Distributed Workforce

Under skilled leadership, virtual employees can make real contributions to corporate performance and profitability.

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[Infographic] Think Outside the Desk

A blueprint for managing a distributed workforce.

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Now Hiring: AI for HR

Many companies are integrating AI’s data processing capabilities into their recruiting methods in order to find better candidates, faster.

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Rain or Shine: IoT Powers a Marked Shift in the Way We Farm

A big part of today’s farming happens not in the field but back at the farmhouse—in front of a computer.

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Set for Success: How to Make the Most of Comcast Business VoiceEdge Productivity Tools

Improve communication, enhance collaboration and make your business more productive with Comcast Business VoiceEdge.

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The Next Industrial Revolution, Powered by AR

Augmented reality’s real-world application may help save industries that traditionally blame technology for its demise.

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Chatbots 2.0: How AI, AR and VR Will Bring the Bot New Life

Chatbots need an upgrade, and the good news is they’re getting one.

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Optimizing Distributed Enterprise Performance for the Digital Age

IDC recently surveyed companies across the US to learn more about today’s distributed enterprise landscape. Read up on the findings.

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What Can Gig Speed Internet Do For Your Business?

Having Gig speed internet could transform your business. Here’s how.

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9 Tools to Make You More Productive – Anywhere

These nine tools can help spur your business productivity.

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How to Keep Your Mobile Workforce Productive While You Migrate Your PBX to the Cloud

Migrating to the cloud doesn’t have to be painful and it doesn’t have to happen all at once.

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Digital Transformation: The Importance of Employee Experience to a Digitization Strate...

Digital transformation is about leveraging capabilities as efficiently as possible to help organizations maximize their most important asset: their workforce.

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Turning the Cloud Focus on Transformation

According to a new IDG survey, IT still loves the cost benefits of cloud computing. But there’s a groundswell of support for the concept of digital transformation. It’s an idea that concurrently can help employees be more productive and customers be more engaged – and enterprises are realizing that the cloud can become their foundation.

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Field Service: The IoT Revolution's Silent Partner

As our world gets more automated and “things” come to life, field service technicians stand at the ready to keep the connection alive.

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How free Wi-Fi makes people happy – and more productive

Staying “up to date” with customers in small business waiting rooms now means much more than rotating out past issues of magazines. A recent survey by Bredin Research showed that providing free Wi-Fi goes much further than offering reading materials, candy or water.

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