Top 5 Ways Ministries Extend Their Reach Using Ethernet

According to Grey Matter Research, more than 17 million non-churchgoers visited church websites in the past year. “Churches are natural places of interaction,” said Scott McConnell, LifeWay Research Director.

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exterior of Hawthorn Suites in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Hotel Keeps Guests Coming Back

With 112 rooms serving a mix of business and pleasure travelers, Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham West Palm Beach caters to its guests with the comforts of home and the amenities of an office. Many of their guests stay for extended periods of time and reliable phone service, Internet connection, and cable TV are of the utmost importance for providing an enjoyable stay.

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The Case For and Against Dark Fiber

Technically, dark fiber is optical fiber that’s not active. Most commonly it refers to optical fiber cables that were installed in urban or suburban areas in the hope that a demand would arise, allowing the company that owns the fiber to sell access.

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High-Performance Networks Power the Move to Modern Government

It’s a transformative time in government information technology. Public sector organizations are moving to the cloud. At the same time, seemingly everything that can be virtualized is quickly heading in that direction.

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Ethernet Business Services – a Primer

Today, your business relies more heavily on being networked between facilities, data centers, suppliers, business partners and customers than ever before. In fact, some would say that the network IS your business, making your choice of network service technology absolutely critical.

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Data Security and Reliability for Health Information Exchanges

Health information exchanges (HIEs) are an important development in transforming healthcare by enabling clinicians, administrators, and payers to share electronic patient information. When care providers can access all of a patient’s information at the point of care – including test results, current medications, allergies, and previous history – better treatment decisions can be made, resulting in lower costs and improved outcomes.

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T-1 or Ethernet: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Internet connectivity is a critical component of business operations. You need to understand the options when it comes to connectivity choices so that you can make the right decision for your business.

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Wiring Classrooms for Paperless Learning

Backpacks are getting lighter nowadays with students carrying fewer books and instead learning about math, science and history on laptops and tablets. More and more school districts recognize the many benefits of paperless learning.

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Making the Right Network Decision for your Enterprise Needs

The fact is that every company’s networking needs are different. Because of this, there’s no single solution for networking beyond the borders of the building. Here's an overview to help you make the right decision for your enterprise's needs.

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