Brasco & Sons Memorial Chapels Stay Connected for Grieving Families and Friends with Comcast Business VoiceEdge™

November 13, 2017
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Brasco & Sons Memorial Chapels Inc. was founded in 1943 by Leo and Mildred Brasco in Waltham, Massachusetts. The funeral home has since expanded to three locations, with two additional chapels in Belmont, Massachusetts. The business is family-owned and operated and is currently run by Wayne Brasco and his sons.

In addition to challenges with the phone system, the chapels’ existing Internet connection was not suitable to support daily business operations like emailing customers, updating the website and researching service options for clients. It reduced efficiency in the office because webpages were slow to load, making it difficult to quickly assist customers or respond to email inquiries. Learn how Brasco & Sons was able to add more value to its customers’ experiences by offering a WiFi connection – separate from the company’s Internet – specifically for visitors to use while at the chapels. Read the case study.

Learn how Brasco & Sons Memorial Chapels enhanced customer experience by upgrading its voice system.

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