Business Continuity: Risk, Resilience, and Seamlessness

August 08, 2019

Whether it’s caused by hardware failure, human error, natural disaster, cyber-attack, or other issues, downtime is a critical problem. In fact, the 2018 Risk Barometer report by global insurance company Allianz lists disruptions in business operations as the top risk for organizations globally. In 2017, according to Forbes, organizations lost an average of $100,000 for every hour of downtime. Your employees and customers can’t afford disconnection, and neither can you. With business processes now highly dependent on IT systems, any major failure in the IT infrastructure can cripple an entire operation. Infrastructure is clearly a top asset, requiring continuous development and investment in security, network resilience, and pro-active response to disruption.

Watch “Business Continuity: Risk, Resilience, and Seamlessness,” a webinar from Comcast Business, to learn from our expert panelists how to develop an infrastructure that considers business continuity—and keeping downtime at bay—as a core function.

We’ll explore:

  • Network performance and workflow interruptions
  • Specializing infrastructures to meet critical vs. noncritical workload requirements
  • Diversity in transport types
  • Box-based features vs. SDN
  • The role of virtualization
  • Designing seamlessness into your infrastructure
  • Setting rules to control user access and connectivity between different resources (e.g., IPVPN, cybersecurity)

Our panelists are:

  • John Burke, principal research analyst, Nemertes Research, advises key enterprise and vendor clients, conducts and analyzes primary research, and writes thought-leadership pieces across a wide variety of topics.
  • Eric Prosser, Executive Director, Solution Architecture at Comcast Business.

A single hour of downtime can cost businesses anywhere from $100,000 to over $300,000. Join our expert panel to learn how to develop a hybrid cloud infrastructure that optimizes business continuity, and keep downtime at bay.

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