‘Chime’ In on Virtual Team Collaboration

July 23, 2020
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This year, I marked 10 years with Comcast Business. During that time, I’ve built relationships with hundreds — if not thousands — of my colleagues through our work together. Still, in the two towers comprising our global headquarters here in Philadelphia, like in many other corporate offices, teams can be siloed. You end up, naturally, communicating the most with the group of people you work closest with, the people you spend lots of time with in face-to-face meetings.

Right around the time I marked my 10-year anniversary this Spring, Comcast internally announced that headquarters employees would be working from home indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, from a technology perspective, the company was well prepared to support such a dramatic shift in the way we operate day-to-day. Culturally speaking, Comcast has always gravitated to in-person meetings, so the instant loss of that face-to-face contact was an overnight shock to the system. As with many other organizations, we have historically placed value on direct team interaction and collaboration. After all, we are social creatures by nature.

As soon as we pivoted to remote work, our new way of communicating and collaborating changed. Working from home, the vast majority of employees started using video and chat collaboration for the first time. Within 24 hours, we shifted from in-person meetings and conference calls to video collaboration and chat. It wasn't just Comcast, of course — hundreds of thousands of newly minted work-from-home employees across the globe suddenly graduated from an occasional Facetime video chat with friends or family to full-on video collaboration on a daily basis.

In order to facilitate the new ways of working, organizations need to have the right tools in place. Speedy, reliable Internet service, excellent WiFi, and collaboration services became must-haves for millions of people overnight. Comcast is already known to be the largest provider of high-quality Internet and WiFi in the United States. So to complete the trifecta, we wanted to make sure we could provide customers with a reliable, scalable, and easy-to-use video collaboration service. Amazon Chime was a natural choice for Comcast Business customers.

Already a significant APN partner of Amazon Web Services, we held a shared vision of extending collaboration services to small and medium-sized businesses when they needed it most. As such, we’re offering the full-featured service, Chime Pro, completely free of charge to Comcast Business customers until October 31. Amazon Chime is simple to use and secure, allowing businesses to communicate and collaborate with their colleagues and customers alike. Smart plugins with Microsoft Outlook and Google G-Suite make setting up meetings a snap.

Personally speaking, all of these shifts have caused an interesting thing to happen: Once everyone was working from home, I started meeting more and more new people within Comcast Business. I’ve been meeting people via video conferencing that I likely wouldn’t have interacted with in the office — and I’ve been forging new relationships as a result. It was a powerful demonstration of how the shift was more than just a change in channel — It was also a change in the ways we work together.

So now, it's your time to Chime-in: Make video collaboration, chat, and screen sharing a part of how your business operates. Be sure to take advantage of the extended free trial by signing your team up here.

Learn how you can streamline your business operations and enhance collaboration with Amazon Chime.

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