Unified Communications: Intelligent Business Through Collaboration

May 01, 2020
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As organizations navigate the operational challenges of managing distributed workforces, keeping teams connected and keeping lines of communication open need to be high-level imperatives. Unified communications tools offer holistic solutions to keep team members easily in touch, from any device, no matter where they are. You’re likely already familiar with some of the components of unified communications, such as instant messaging, conferencing, desktop sharing, and audio, web, and video conferencing. Here are a couple added functionalities that you may not be familiar with:

Mobile integration, which makes it possible for calls made to office lines to ring on a mobile device—a simplified and more streamlined take on call forwarding.

Readable voicemail, which allows you to read messages left in your voicemail box—a means of protecting your privacy in public places and multitasking unobtrusively.

Call control and multimodal communications, which enable you to begin a conversation via one method, (for example, voice) and shift to another (such as by converting to a videoconference) without having to disconnect and restart the call.

Presence, a technology tool that allows you to control where you appear to be located. For example, clients or vendors may contact you at your office phone number and reach you on your mobile device without realizing that you’re not at your desk.

Unified messaging, which integrates your voicemail, email, SMS, video, fax, and other messages within a single interface and allows you to access them from your preferred device.

True mobility and a virtual office environment, which are key in today’s business environment. Being able to stay in touch from anywhere allows your existing workforce to be productive from any location and frees you to hire the best people no matter where they are.

Integrating and unifying all the components and formats of contemporary communications promotes collaboration, engagement, and decision-making capacity. And those, in turn, support your ability to lead a more intelligent and competitive business.

Read the Unified Communications: An All-in-One Solution guide to learn about how its components work to make your business faster, more intelligent, and most important, more competitive.

A unified communications solution is not a single project. Rather, it’s a collection of elements integrated under a single umbrella.

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