Empathy at Scale: How Data and Technology Are Humanizing the Customer Experiences

November 29, 2019

Data and technology are increasingly playing an integral part in helping businesses forge more human connections with their customers. Recent research by IDC shows that improving the customer experience (CX) is a major driver of digital transformation (DX) initiatives and that a range of algorithms and data are supporting CX innovations. In fact, IDC analysts have stated that, by 2023, technology to improve and understand CX (including software, services and hardware) will be a nearly $508 billion market globally, making it among the largest areas of investment. By gathering data from across the spectrum of customer experiences, businesses stand to better understand their consumers, tailor interactions to individual customer needs and interests, and build trust. In short, data and technology are helping brands be more empathetic.

In this webinar from Comcast Business our expert panelists explore how companies are setting customer experience objectives, how empathy deployed as an enterprise-level tool to improve CX is being powered by data and technology, the unique challenges data-driven CX presents, and how CX initiatives can drive digital DX.

You’ll learn how:

  • Infrastructure can support advanced, integrated CX

  • Different intra-organizational priorities can be directed toward a single, high-level DX strategy   

  • Conflict between long-term infrastructure investments vs. near-term priorities can be resolved

  • CX/DX budget and strategy can be aligned

  • To “sell” the strategic vision for tech investments that drive empathy at scale


  • Alan Webber, Program Vice President, Digital Strategy and Customer Experience, IDC

  • Chad Carloss, Executive Director, Customer Experience, Comcast Business

Explore empathy at scale as a driver for customer experience & digital transformation

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