How Small Business Owners Can Use Guest Wifi to Enhance Marketing

September 11, 2019

Free WiFi is more than just a great way for customers to stay connected when they’re at your business. It’s also a great tool to enhance and personalize your marketing efforts and provide bespoke experiences to customers. 

There’s no question that connectivity in and of itself is a value-add for your customers. In fact, 96% of consumers say they prefer shopping in stores with free WiFi access. 

But business owners can also leverage their guest WiFi networks to boost business. Guest WiFi can be a marketing tool to build your customer database, provide personalized experiences that will delight guests, and get rich insights into the behavior of your customers. 

Learn more about how to use WiFi as a marketing tool for your business so customers are connected and your business grows.

Grab attention with a dynamic landing page

Your WiFi landing page holds enormous potential value, both from a customer experience perspective and a customer data perspective. However, many businesses squander the opportunity with poorly thought-out or hastily thrown-together splash pages that don’t do anything beyond their base purpose: to connect your customers to the Internet. A splash page might be the first digital interaction a customer has with your company, so put some thought into it. Include relevant and useful information about your business like your web address, links to your social channels, and upcoming specials or promotions.  

Your splash page is a key opportunity to collect more information about your customers. At the very least, you should ask for an email address, but guest WiFi also presents opportunities to build out your customer profiles with phone numbers, social media handles, or other customer information. Be careful not to overstep, though. Customers want to feel like they are getting something of value in exchange for their information, and asking for too much can create a negative experience. 

Grow your social media following

Social media is a valuable marketing tool, and it takes a lot of time and effort to build a following. By integrating social media directly into the login process, you can quickly add followers. Offer options to allow customers to log in with their Facebook, Twitter or other social media profiles and add one-click buttons to allow WiFi users to follow you on social media networks. Followers who connect with you on social channels after having connected to your WiFi are an especially captive and valuable audience — if they’ve already visited you in person, they are much more likely to feel a connection and engage with you on social channels. 

Build your customer database

Collecting customer data is only half of the equation. As mentioned above, you should require email, phone number, or other information via a gated form to allow guests to access your WiFi network. If you aren’t putting that data to use, though, all you’re doing is putting up an unnecessary barrier for customers. Ensure that the data you collect is automatically added to your CRM system of record. If there are any existing blind spots in your customer profiles — you have email addresses for customers but are missing phone numbers and rely on calling as part of your sales process, for example — use your WiFi login process to collect numbers and round out your database information. 

Learn about your customers and their habits

You can pull insights from your guest WiFi to boost customer experience, enable new marketing techniques, and drive new revenue. By analyzing footfall patterns, you can see how many people with WiFi-enabled phones are coming into your business, and how many are walking by. This creates the opportunity for you to understand traffic patterns and allows you to test the efficacy of displays meant to draw in customers. Examining new vs. repeat users gives you a window into your ability to draw people back for subsequent visits, and dwell time figures allow you to see how long you’re keeping customers engaged. 

Personalize the experience

By matching mobile phone MAC addresses (unique identifiers for connected devices) to customer profiles in your CRM system, you can enable in-store personalization in real time. Get notifications when a repeat customer walks into your store, or use geofencing to draw in repeat customers as they walk by outside. When you are able to get a real-time view of who is in your store, you can provide in-store employees with the context they need to create meaningful guest interactions. If an employee can access an in-store customer’s purchase history, for example, they can serve them with relevant offers or products. 

Moving forward

Interactive marketing and rich personalization is the here and now for all businesses, no matter their size. WiFi is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but few small businesses use it to its highest potential. Learn more about how to leverage guest WiFi for enhanced marketing at

Guest WiFi is about more than keeping your customers connected when they’re at your business. It can also be a marketing tool to build your customer database, provide personalized experiences that will delight guests, and get rich insights into the behavior of your customers. Learn more about how to use WiFi as a marketing tool for your business so customers are connected and your business is growing.

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