How to Keep Your Business Locations Connected to Each Other

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Think about any major retail chain you might frequent. These companies have multiple locations stretched across a vast geographic footprint, exponentially increasing revenue., They need to operate without interruption and share information to be efficient and consistent. But you don't need to be a multi-billion-dollar international company to benefit from more than one location. Even having two storefronts on opposite sides of the same city can help increase your bottom line. The key is to link your offices together in a way that works to boost your business, not bog it down. Here’s how.

Use the same systems at all locations

When you set up your phone and Internet service at your secondary business location, make sure to use the same company you did for the first. Doing so will simplify the billing process and make maintenance easier if problems arise. After all, you don't want to have to call two or three different companies to get a problem resolved.

Ensure your website reflects a multi-location business

Your website is the online representation of your company and is not bound by geographical limitations. Make sure it represents your business in a way that brings in leads and generates revenue. It is a good idea to have a page dedicated to each of your different locations. Provide the phone number of each location, its business hours, and its address. If there are any unique considerations for parking, make sure to include those, too.

Create an intra-business network

While you could operate of each one of your storefronts with in isolation, it’s more effective to have an office network design connected through a wide area network, often called a business WAN. When your entire company functions through one network, your internal communications, sales data, and customer insights are more accessible, increasing productivity and minimizing risk.

Using one network to connect multiple locations gives you more control and visibility. You can guarantee uptime, improve your online security, and cut costs. It also gives you more bandwidth, as most high-level wide area networks use leased lines with higher upload speeds. With SD-WAN from Comcast Business, you can have all your branches connecting at Gig speed.

Business Internet service plans provide the flexibility and security for your growing company. When your business is expanding, whether you’re adding locations across town or across the country, choose a phone and Internet service that will expand with you. See how Comcast Business can help.

Think about any major retail chain you might frequent. These companies have multiple locations stretched across a vast geographic footprint

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