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Announcing Our Newest Product

Introducing Comcast Business Wifi Pro

Business internet

Business WiFi Pro

WiFi is an essential tool for every business today, but not all WiFi is the same. Comcast Business WiFi Pro puts WiFi to work for your business so you can improve the way you operate, enhance your customer experience, and grow your business. We provide enhanced features and best-in-class security functionality so you are in total control of your connection, giving your business the clear advantage over the competition.

$ 19.95 /mo

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Get big time features on a Small Business Budget

Fast speeds customers want – Guests and customers can download, email and stream at the high speeds they’ve come to expect.
Made for marketing  Customize your WiFi networks’ names (SSID) and splash pages — even share real-time offers. 
Power in the palm of your hand – Allocate your network's bandwidth, access reporting and analytics, and more with an easy-to-use application on your smart device. 
High-end security  Get award-winning 24/7 active security and threat detection, on-demand security reports and content filtering. 
Professionally installed  Get a professional installation by our highly trained technicians.

Features & Add-ons


  • No data limits No data limits


How It Works

We provide business internet services to meet the needs of a range of businesses from small business to enterprise. So put Comcast Business Internet to work for your business and unlock a new stream of productivity - just choose from a variety of speeds to best suit your business needs. Then let your business take advantage of all the benefits that come with better, faster Internet, including: 
  • Comcast Business WiFi Pro has fast Internet speeds – Customers and guests can download, email and stream at the high speeds they've come to expect. 
  • Limitless Connection - Comcast Business Internet has no caps, so you can upload/download and access however much you want. 
  • Wireless Connectivity - Business WiFi gives employees, customers, and guests access to what is important to them - it's also included on all Deluxe plans or higher. 
  • Access Additional Services - Once you upgrade your Internet to Comcast Business, customize the service to meet any number of needs with our many add-ons - like web hosting, Internet for telecommuters, and more!

Understanding Your Internet Speed

Data Handling
Different businesses have different data needs. Some send a few emails and some upload large videos. That’s why Comcast provides no data limits and our internet plans offer a wide variety of speeds.

Day-to-day tasks
Having the right Internet plan means being equipped to handle your business’s important tasks – whether you’re sending menus off to the printer, sharing a big presentation with your team, or offering guests a speedy pipeline to access what’s important to them.

As your Business Internet provider, Comcast Business can provide the right plan to help increase productivity so your employees and customers will take notice.

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DID YOU KNOW The term "wideband" refers to Internet that delivers speeds of 50 Mbps or higher

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Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Equipment, taxes and fees (including regulatory recovery fees) extra, subject to change. Call for restrictions and complete details.
*Business WiFi is not included with Starter Internet-only service

**Speed comparison between Comcast 100Mbps service and 20Mbps DSL (downloads only). Actual speeds vary and are not
guaranteed. Call for details.

†Speeds not available in all areas. Call a Comcast sales representative to explain availability in your area.
WiFi Pro is available in select service areas. Limited to Comcast Business Internet customers with Deluxe 50 Internet service and above. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. Call for details. © 2016 Comcast. All rights reserved.
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