Up to 10 Gigs to power your big business plans

Get Internet with the speed that keeps up with high demand. With upload speeds as fast as download speeds available. And a connection that’s backed by service level agreements (SLAs) — all on the nation’s largest, fastest reliable network.

Lock in your rate for 5 years when you get Gig-speed Internet and security

We’re bringing together speed, security, reliability, and now a price guarantee, so you can have total peace of mind for your business. Offer ends 8/21/24.

Why Ethernet Dedicated Internet?

When your day runs on web conferences, cloud-based applications, and simultaneous large file transfers, Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI) helps you keep up — and grows with you. It’s a carrier-grade service to connect wired computers and devices with reliable response times to help you be fast and flexible

Expandable Capacity

Get flexible speeds from 1 Mbps up to 10 Gigs

Symmetrical Traffic Flow

Easily send and receive huge files with matching upload and download speeds available

Expert technical support

Get proactive monitoring, SLAs, and 24/7 support

BGP routing

Help optimize stability for your connection with an optional Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) setup

Static IP addresses

Get up to two permanent IP addresses for running multiple servers or applications like a virtual private network (VPN) per connection — additional IP addresses available for an extra monthly charge

Putting Ethernet Dedicated Internet to work

Ethernet Dedicated Internet helps optimize how many industries function. Whether you’re an ad agency, medical practice, or high-growth organization, it has features built for your needs.

Move large files fast with symmetrical traffic flow

Need to quickly move large client or patient files? EDI helps you send and receive huge files to and from the cloud even faster than before.

Offer the right amount of access with Static IP addresses

When you need to share information with outside partners, patients, or clients while keeping other sensitive data accessible only to those within your business.

Get the flexibility you need to support high growth

Accommodate changing capacity demands while you build your business. EDI helps you stay in the fast lane.


Collaboration technologies that keep up with demand

Ethernet Dedicated Internet gives you the speed to tackle high bandwidth needs. And our advanced Phone services help keep your team collaborating to meet high-demand.

Get unified communications features and anywhere calling with Business VoiceEdge®. Or pick from two Trunks options: PRI Trunks for high-quality calling on your own system or SIP Trunks for when you need advanced VoIP features in multiple locations.
Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed.