Complete Connectivity Powers Small Business Growth

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To remain competitive in a changing marketplace, small business owners must adapt to changing customer experience expectations, manage an increasingly mobile workforce, and help protect customer and company devices.

Delivering on all of those demands requires that small businesses have a comprehensive technology approach that operates in support of their day-to-day work. A piecemeal approach to small business tech could result in less than desirable customer and employee experiences, missed opportunities for deeper customer loyalty, and breakdowns in productivity.

By adopting a Complete Connectivity Solution—combining reliable Internet, security, and business mobile into an easy-to-use solution—small businesses can provide more seamless experiences to customers and employees, access information and insights about their business from anywhere, and help safeguard customer and company devices. What’s more, by working with a single connectivity provider, small business owners benefit from ease in installation and always-on support, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

Let’s explore what complete connectivity can enable for small businesses in the retail, hospitality, construction, and healthcare spaces:

For retailers, complete connectivity means reliable internet and gig-speed WiFi, so employees can quickly process transactions, check inventory levels, and track customer interactions. Customers also expect fast internet, WiFi access, and options like self-checkout, and prompt payments. By providing these services, retailers can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to increased revenue. Business mobile means that employees and managers can connect seamlessly across sites and manage the business from anywhere.

Hospitality providers leverage complete connectivity to offer in-room amenities that exceed expectations and seamless interactions from check-in to check-out. With reliable internet and WiFi access, guests can easily order room service, check-in and check-out, and stream their favorite shows. With a staff that might need to be anywhere in the facility at any point, business mobile keeps everyone accessible, while managers can access insights, even when they’re off-site.

For construction companies, complete connectivity means the ability to automate manual administrative tasks and manage employees across multiple worksites. With reliable internet, WiFi access, and business mobile, employees can communicate with suppliers and customers through calls or video conferences, empower analytics to determine areas of opportunity, and manage their schedules in real-time. The result? Using technology to help drive automation and productivity, construction companies can get more jobs, and make more clients happy.

Health and social service providers need complete connectivity to effectively manage medical files, conduct telehealth appointments, enable real-time and connected appointment scheduling, and transact information. Healthcare providers can help protect connected devices. With reliable connectivity, as well as business mobile, healthcare providers can connect with their patients and colleagues.

With reliable internet and gig-speed WiFi together with mobile, businesses can stay connected with their customers, employees, and suppliers in real-time from anywhere. Learn more about how Comcast Business can help small businesses stay ready for what’s next.

Complete connectivity: Internet, security, and mobile enables small businesses across sectors.

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