Online only: Receive up to a $700 Visa® Prepaid Card with a qualifying bundle

(up to $500 if ordered through an Agent). Plus, all Comcast Business Internet tiers are bundled with Comcast Business SecurityEdge™. That’s fast speed plus an advanced Internet security solution for a great value.

Offers end 12/05/21.

Reliable connectivity to keep your business ready

Whatever the day may bring, we help keep you on track. We deliver fast, reliable Internet with the bandwidth you need to handle all your devices. Plus, get access to millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots nationwide to help stay connected on the go. Not to mention, Comcast Business offers innovative features, like automatic 4G LTE backup and cybersecurity solutions, to help protect devices connected to your network. When it comes to helping your business prepare for the future, we’re ready to help get you there.


Up To 35Mbps

Process transactions fast. Good for about 4 devices.


Up To 100Mbps

Handle daily tasks, like uploads, downloads, and email. Good for about 7 devices.


Up To 200Mbps

Stream audio and video files and browse content-rich sites. Good for about 12 devices.

Up to 300Mbps

Speed up downloads on multiple devices and run backup servers. Good for about 15 devices.

Up To 600Mbps

Connect more users on more devices in real time and process multiple transactions faster. Good for about 16 devices.


Up to 1Gig

Run multiple cloud-based apps, services, and backup. Faster simultaneous large file downloads. Good for about 17+ devices.

Explore Internet solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses.


Included with your Internet

Simple, yellow icon depicting a clock.

Fast, flexible installation

2-hour appointment windows scheduled around your busy day

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24/7 local customer support

Customer service representatives on standby to answer questions

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WiFi hotspots

Access to millions of Xfinity hotspots nationwide

Innovative add-ons to help your business adapt

We started by building the nation’s largest Gig-speed network to deliver fast, reliable connections. Now, we’re helping you get ready for the road ahead with add-ons for your Internet.

Connection Pro

If the power or Internet go out, business goes on. 

  • Provides complete reliability with an automatic 4G LTE backup for your connection 
  • Backup for up to 8 hours  
  • Simple configuration available with existing Comcast Business Internet and compatible leased router

Comcast Business SecurityEdge™

Help protect devices connected to your Comcast Business Internet.

  • Identifies new and emerging threats  
  • No additional equipment needed other than the Comcast Business router  
  • Provides proactive, real-time threat alerts, which may not be available with other solutions 


Need help finding the right solution?

Just answer a few questions. We’ll recommend solutions for your business and show you some of our best offers available at your location.

Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Maximum download speed of 940 Mbps when hardwired via Ethernet. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed.