Improve CX with WiFi that Knows What Your Customers Want

April 23, 2019

Coffeeshops are about more than coffee these days. In addition to getting a quality cup of joe, guests expect an environment where they can sit down and get some work done, catch up on the news, or check email. WiFi is the norm, but using the same network for guests as business operations can lead to slowdowns and bottlenecks.

Reliable WiFi is core to the success of many small businesses - employees need to be able to access cloud information and shared resources, and guests expect fast access to the Internet to be able to work, chat with friends, stream videos, and more. Having separate WiFi networks for employees and guests is critical - guests shouldn’t have access to any confidential files, and having everyone on the same system will bog down the network.

With Comcast Business WiFi Pro, powered by our Gig-speed Internet, business owners can set up private and guest networks and assign bandwidths to each. A mobile-friendly portal offers complete control over your network, allowing you to turn networks on or off, restrict access to unsuitable sites, and pull data and reports to glean insights about your customers through their online behavior while accessing your network.

A dedicated guest network also opens up new doors for promotion: Set up a customized splash page welcoming guests, offer coupons and discounts, and share daily specials or news.

Learn more about Comcast Business WiFi Pro.

Public WiFi is the norm, at many small businesses, but using the same network for guests as business operations can lead to slowdowns and bottlenecks.

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