How Leading Retail Brands Use Technology to Improve Customer Experience and Streamline Operations

Man bringing coffee to customer at their car

At NRF 2023, Comcast Business sat down with some of our customers to discuss how technology and analytics are being used to make data-driven decisions and enable employees to spend more time focusing on customers. We also explored the challenges facing quick service restaurants and where the industry is heading. Watch the videos below to see the full NRF sessions.

How Starbucks uses technology to re-imagine customer and employee experiences

In today’s world, consumer choice and personalization have never been more critical. Customers expect to interact with brands when, where, and however they want. And, as new digital touchpoints emerge – mobile ordering, contactless payment, food sensors – brands must look for technologies that drive best-in-class experiences and efficiencies for both customers and employees. Hear from Starbucks SVP of Partner and Customer Solutions, as well as Comcast Business experts on how Starbucks uses IoT, connectivity, and security solutions to fuel the Starbucks ‘third place.’

How Chick-fil-A drives next-generation guest experiences

Today’s customer is tech-savvy, connected, and expecting personalized service at every turn. For restaurants, investing in digital enhancements with an integrated approach to networking, IoT, Wi-fi, and cybersecurity will allow them to develop “digital DNA” - a holistic identity wrapped around technology, with customer experience at the core. Join us to hear from Chick-fil-A on how they’re bringing integrated digital experiences to every phase of their customer interactions - to lead the way as a restaurant of the future.

Retailers of all sizes can enable data and analytics transformations and new applications with reliable and secure networking and communications technology, including WiFi solutions and SD-WAN. Learn what Comcast Business can do for you.

Watch these sessions from NRF 2023 to learn how technology is shaping the QSR space.

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