The Digital Transformation of Work: How Technology Is Enabling Productivity

February 13, 2020

IDC projects that by 2024, two-thirds of employees in high-performing Forbes Global 2000 enterprises will move from static, siloed roles and processes to become part of dynamic, multi-disciplinary, outcome-focused reconfigurable teams. The shift encompasses a fundamental change to work, including processes and workspaces. It’s a work transformation that embraces human-machine collaboration, enables new employee skillsets and work experience, and supports a rapidly changing workspace model that is independent of physical location or time of day.

Work transformation is not in the distant future; it’s happening now. Having an agile network and supporting technologies in place puts your organization in position to leverage work transformation’s improved productivity, cost savings, and employee and customer engagement. It’s an evolution that, if harnessed, leads to new value creation and competitive differentiation, impacting both the top and bottom lines.

In this webinar, our expert panelists explore the issues behind work transformation, the underlying technologies, the characteristics of a digitally transformed work environment, it’s benefits, and its relationship to other DX initiatives.

Participants will learn about:

  • The factors changing the work environment

  • Why now is the time to direct resources into work transformation

  • The elements that support collaboration among all stakeholders, including the integration of systems, tools, and data

  • Workspace models and remote vs. on-site workers

  • Critical technologies that support work transformation by intelligently and proactively serving up the resources required for the next-priority task

  • The role security plays in balancing privacy and industry regulations with the ability to enable anytime/anywhere access to corporate resources


  • Holly Muscolino, Research Vice President, Content and Process Strategies and the Future of Work, IDC.
  • Glenn Katz, Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Solutions for Comcast Business.

Webinar exploring how the digital transformation of the work experience is enabling productivity.

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