[Webinar] Guarding the Gates: Keeping Online Threats at Bay

April 11, 2018

If you’re lucky, you first heard about WannaCrypt (often better known by the nickname WannaCry) ransomware when it made international news in May 2017. While the WannaCry headlines focused on large, high-profile organizations hit by that attack, small businesses’ size no longer affords them the security they enjoyed in the past against cybercrime. In fact, the September 2017 MAIN STREET Cybersecurity Act was passed specifically because businesses with fewer than 100 employees suffer.

71 percent of cyberattacks, which can do enough damage to drive them out of business. In “Guarding the Gates: Keeping Online Threats at Bay,” an on-demand webinar from Comcast Business, our expert security panel sets a baseline regarding current online threats and offers a wide range of tools, resources, and best practices designed to help keep a lid on your network.

Check out the slides from this presentation:

This on-demand webinar from Comcast Business looks at hands-on measures you can take to protect your network, data, and machines across the operation.

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