10 Military Veteran Startups Everyone in Tech Should Know

March 21, 2017

Here at Bunker Labs, we are so thrilled to see the recent surge in military veteran entrepreneurship. Our mission is to catalyze the entrepreneurial potential of the military experience to lead innovation in the American economy and to empower veterans as leaders in innovation.

Bunker Labs realizes our mission by:

  • Connecting current and former military service members with thriving, diverse, relevant, and local networks.
  • Educating by creating a laboratory environment for military service members to build and test new solutions for customers, veterans, and the American economy. Learn more.
  • Inspiring with our online gamification platform. Sign up

As most of you know, we recently launched in the Bay Area in partnership with GSVlabs. We know that talent is evenly disbursed across the globe, but opportunity is not.

Bunker Labs’ portfolio companies have raised over $25 million in capital and realized over $17 million in revenue. We have seen first-hand how having a veteran as a co-founder can be part of a startup’s “unfair advantage.”

To inspire, educate, and connect the Bay Area with veterans, we recently partnered with Wells Fargo to hold a pitch event in San Francisco. We brought together veteran-led startups from all over the country to pitch to Wells Fargo senior executives with expertise in innovation, security, and their virtual accelerator. Several other VC and angel investors were on hand to see the best and brightest in veteran startups. Feedback was phenomenal, and we think you will agree.

Great Veteran-Led Companies to Watch:

Company: QWYKR
Veteran CEO: Don Rector

Qwykr is a mobile application that helps companies save money on employee expense reports by increasing transparency of their ground transportation costs through its ground transportation scheduling software.

Company: ID.me
Veteran CEO: Blake Hall

ID.me’s Identity Gateway is designed to increase trust and efficiency in account opening and digital transactions.

Company: Rhumbix
Veteran CEO: Zach Scheel

Rhumbix provides a workforce telematics platform for construction, combining data entry in the field from smartphones with data analytics to improve labor productivity on project site.

Company: Simple Disability
Veteran CEO: Ted Stearns

Simple Disability has developed the very first and only end-to- end digital platform for individual disability insurance.

Company: Tokken
Veteran CEO: Larmine Zarrad

Tokken is a technology platform that extends banking services to cash intensive, un-bankable businesses.

Company: Docio
Veteran CEO: Mike Potts

Docio is a real-time product portfolio intelligence and software development analytics solution, helping customers drive operational excellence to manage risk, accelerate growth, and deliver real business value through software.

Company: Efflux
Veteran CEO: Mike McNerney

Efflux is a scalable solution, designed to automate cyber intrusion analysis and investigation. The goal is to bring greater automation and efficiency to incident response.

Company: vThreat
Veteran CEO: Marcus Carey

vThreat allows organizations to find the systems most likely to be hacked and helps organizations mitigate the risk within the first 48 hours of discovery.

Company: Akouba
Veteran CEO: Chris Rentner

Akouba provides an online digital onboarding platform that enables financial institutions to lend money to small businesses simply, efficiently, and profitably through an omni-channel experience.

This article was originally published on the Bunker Labs Blog.

Check out these veteran-led companies to watch.

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