3 Ways to Generate Quality B2B Leads

June 22, 2015

There are many ways to generate B2B leads. In this post I've outlined three that have worked for many small businesses in our consulting practice.

Earlier this month, I wrote on four great B2B lead generation tactics. These are some of the main pillars of the Duct Tape Marketing System, and they have worked for countless businesses in the past. But the truth is, there is no shortage of great ways to generate B2B leads, so I thought I would write again on this topic. Here are three more great ways to supercharge your lead generation:

Sequential Lead Magnets

I went fly fishing recently, and I found this clear, deep hole in the river where fish were actively rising to the top to eat. Things had been pretty slow to that point, so I put some dry flies on and cast right on their noses.

Immediately my targeted fish rose, took a look and swam away. I kept at it, offering new casts and new flies, and eventually, after a number of presentations, I caught the fish.

Few things generate quality leads like a series of sequential offers that lead prospects deeper and deeper into your educational grip.

By setting up a process that by nature moves your prospects along, you expose them to increasingly valuable content and opportunities to better understand your organization. You begin to create a relationship that is more like working with a client instead of nurturing a lead.

You can accomplish this process through a sequential series of videos or even a series of checklists, each offering more pieces to the puzzle. One of the keys to this approach is that you sell the value of the series and set the expectation that your prospect is going on a journey of value.

Targeted Direct Mail

I know we all want to do that mail blast thing and have it rain leads, but the more personal you can get, the better. You will receive far greater results targeting 50 or 100 ideal prospects a month with a personalized letter outlining one great idea, than with any other form of mass communication out there.

Warm, not Cold Calling

I would never advocate cold calling, although plenty of people still do it. The problem is that the notion of cold implies “dumb” calling. I still get calls today from people who have no idea about my business or why I may be a good client for them.

Warm calling would be picking up the phone and connecting only after thoroughly researching your target. You don’t have to be a pest when you call people. In fact, don’t sell, just be useful. First, though, you need to know why your company would be useful to them.

Good ideas, personalization, and a solid understanding of your client can go a long way toward improving your B2B lead generation.

This article was originally published on Inc.

There are many ways to generate B2B leads. In this post I've outlined three that have worked for many small businesses in our consulting practice.

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