Automatic Internet Backup Connection – Making Downtime a Thing of the Past

August 11, 2017
08_10_automatic internet backup

As a small business, the Internet can be a lifeline to your customers. And it can be your great equalizer. It’s what makes a small operation appear as a Fortune 500 company. But, cut that life line and you’re looking at lost sales, a stop in productivity and a bad perception from your customers – a possible business ending blunder. Your business must be prepared for a network outage at any time…so be sure that your business continuity plan includes an automatic Internet backup connection. 

When an outage occurs, the wireless backup system is automatically triggered and your business is able to remain connected to the Internet—resulting in minimal downtime for your business. And no downtime creates a huge advantage for your company, since annual downtime causes businesses to lose about $700 billion – something no small business can afford.

Think about what would happen if you lose your connection. Would you be able to ring up customer’s items at your store? Pull up a child’s medical chart before an examination? Print out a receipt for the group of friends at the bar? Or worst of all send your workers home and call it a day because they can’t do their jobs without the Internet?

In today’s world access to the Internet means everything. It’s frightening how many businesses don’t properly plan for these network outages or disruptions of service. It can happen at any time and for many reasons including storms, construction, overloaded networks, human error or just from equipment failure. In fact, outages cause an average of 324 hours of downtime a year, or 324 hours of lost revenue every single year.

It’s time to be proactive about your businesses’ continuity plan and invest in an automatic Internet backup connection. Learn how Comcast Business Connection Pro can help make downtime and lost sales a thing of the past.

Learn why your small business continuity plan should include an automatic Internet backup connection.

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