Become a Better Leader: Take it Further

January 16, 2015

This is part six in a six-part series on how to become a better leader. Read part five

In an effort to give you practical suggestions, the tips below may inspire you to take your pursuit of leadership further.

  1. Leadership begins with your eyes and ears.

    You can create more value when you are actively listening to employees, polling customers and understanding the environment. Opening your heart and mind to a new approach will set you on path to effective leadership.

  2. Hire an executive coach.

    Your effectiveness as an executive is inextricably tied to your ability to lead and motivate your team. An executive coach can be your partner on your path to growth. Often, it’s easier to recognize performance gaps in others rather than finding those gaps in ourselves. A coach can help you identify those gaps and personally work with you to refine your style.

  3. Seek opportunities to practice leadership.

    Opportunities abound in which leaders are needed to make a difference. Professional organizations seek leaders for projects or year-round direction. Similarly, you may hone your skills by sharing your skills with others at your local Chamber of Commerce. Bring your learned skills back to your own business.

  4. Attend executive leadership seminars.

    If you do a quick Google search on “leadership seminar,” you’ll be astounded at the sheer number of conferences, classes and seminars on all facets of leadership. Whether you want to jump right in through an intensive leadership boot camp or take a more measured approach, you’ll be sure to find the right path for you.

  5. Read the best of the books on leadership.

    In complement to your other activities, become a student of leadership. Case studies, practical advice and applicable lessons for today’s executive will allow you to apply gained insights directly to your own business.

Leadership is not for everyone, but if you choose to embrace this path it can greatly enhance your business, your personal life and the people around you.

In an effort to give you practical suggestions, the tips below may inspire you to take your pursuit of leadership further.

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