Building a Process Redesign Plan: Consistency Rules

December 19, 2017
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When you consider process redesign, you’ll need some flexibility in the specifics of one solution versus another. But the underlying vision and principles should extend throughout the enterprise so they continue to serve as both a platform and a motor for overall performance.

How do you build overall processes without creating a patchwork quilt of inconsistent solutions?

  • Start with practical considerations. Make sure each redesign works with external processes and integrates seamlessly with your ecosystem. If this is your first redesign, make sure it has the scaling capacity you’ll need during future rollouts. And make sure that each system aligns with and supports the organization’s overall goals so that it’s equipped to handle your current and emerging needs.
  • Enlist the input and support of your team. By doing so, you can identify not just challenges within the organization, but opportunities to improve processes and results. The impact of this approach has the potential to make your team more responsive to customer needs, nimbler in seizing new market opportunities, and more adept at fully exploiting vendor and partner relationships in pursuit of growth. 
  • Get help. Process isn’t just about the way you execute tasks or transactions. It’s a cornerstone of your capacity for growth in a world where smaller players are no longer limited to smaller productivity or performance. These online resources can help you learn to redesign both your processes and your approach to competition so that your company is equipped to achieve and sustain optimal performance.

Adhering to these standards helps you to create a playbook for process management and provides everyone on the team with a reference point for navigating change.

Read the Process Redesign Built for Team Speed guide to learn how you can build a process redesign playbook that can help your business grow—now and in the future.

You need to consider processes as they relate to each other, so you’re creating solutions—a process playbook—that work together.

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