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August 22, 2017
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In a previous post, “The Right Bandwidth Speed for Your Business,” we broke down bandwidth speeds and how they might be put to work for your business. Sometimes, regardless of your size, there’s simply no substitute for speed—specifically, 1 Gig speed.

What’s the difference between past top speeds and 1 Gig? Previously, Comcast Business’s top speed was 250 Mbps (or megabits per second, which refers to the speed of data transfer). 1 Gig, or 1,000 Mbps—our recently rolled out highest speed—offers a lightning-fast internet experience. In fact, it’s up to 20 times faster than national broadband speeds. What it means for your business is access to files of almost any size in seconds (as opposed to minutes or hours), connecting a nearly unlimited number of devices with no lag in speed or quality, and seamless access to the cloud and online apps.

Putting the pedal to the metal

So, what does 20 times faster actually mean? If you’re on a base speed of 12 Mbps, a 350 MB, cloud-based database file might take about four minutes to download. At 24 Mbps, it logically cuts down to about two minutes. At 1 Gig, that file takes just 3 seconds. What about an hour-long, 820 MB HD training video? At 12 Mbps, it’s just a little more than nine minutes, and just over four-and-half minutes at 24 Mbps. At 1 Gig speed, that video downloads in 7 seconds. Just imagine how quickly Word, Excel, and PDF files will download.

As you grow, you typically find that speeds lag when more devices are connected to your network. Generally, one to two connected devices work best (before lag kicks in and slows things down) at up to 10 Mbps speeds, six to eight devices at 70 to 100 Mbps, and 12 or more at 250 to 350 Mbps. By contrast, 1 Gig speed lets you easily connect 100 or more devices and not experience any degrading of speed and performance.

If you consider everything we do in the cloud today, 1 Gig speed has an impact there, as well. Whether you’re thinking of file backup, Software-as-a-Service applications (think automated updating of your accounting or CRM package), email, or more stable, seamless video-conferencing, web access, payment processing, and more, 1 Gig can enhance every cloud experience for your business and your people.

To learn more about putting 1 Gig speeds to work for your business, visit Comcast Business or call us at (877) 507-5470.

When you really want to push productivity, nothing beats fast.

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