Con J. Franke Electric Plugs into Comcast Business to Help Improve Service and Efficiency

July 27, 2017
07_27_Con J. Franke Image

Con J. Franke provides electrical services for industrial public works projects, institutional and educational facilities and industrial water treatment plants in and around Stockton, California. Employees spend much of their time on-site with clients, so the ability to access and share information remotely, as well as seamlessly communicate with the company’s network, is critical to speed project time and ensure a high level of service. Con J. Franke was struggling with its dated T1 internet connection – communication was often delayed, as employees were frequently unable to access company information on-site and needed to return to the office to provide updates. Learn how upgrading to scalable Ethernet based internet enabled Con J. Franke to deliver a higher level of service for customers and boost productivity across its workforce. Read the case study.

Electrical services company Con J. Franke improved customer services and employee productivity with scalable Ethernet based internet.

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