Connecting the Dots with Sales Tech

July 31, 2017
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When companies focus on the benefits they provide, they don’t just create a stronger message for customers and prospects. They also frame their value proposition in a manner that makes it easier to recognize which R&D and service initiatives are most likely to generate additional business. CRM software is one tool for achieving this goal, and adopting a cloud-based solution allows your business to take advantage of CRM capabilities without having to commit resources to maintenance and upgrades.

Optimizing Your Customer Pipeline, a free guide from Comcast Business, explores some of the leading CRM platforms, including, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Oracle’s CRM-CX Cloud Suite. Beyond traditional CRM and data applications, these platforms can help you monitor customer conversations, track complaints and frustrations, follow market developments, and more.

Learn more about the tactics and technology you can use to build your customer base and grow your business in Optimizing Your Customer Pipeline, the latest Connections to Growth guide from Comcast Business. Check out the entire Connections to Growth series.

How market forces and customer feedback impact product/service development.

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