Creating an Organizational Path to Long-Term Growth

March 09, 2017 (2)

Are you building the infrastructure and human capital you need for the long haul? How well do your employees’ individual roadmaps for professional development align with your long-term plans for the company, and how can you strengthen those connections? To create your path to long-term success, consider:

  • Giving your people increasing responsibility. There can be a balancing act between tapping employees for new responsibilities and not overloading them with work that isn’t tied to a short-term opportunity to advance. Continually explore their capabilities and potential for growth, and you’ll uncover new talents among your team members.
  • Communicating as a hedge against risk. Speak with people whose roles are evolving to determine which responsibilities can be shifted away from them as they take on new tasks. Even if you can’t offer them an immediate raise or change in title, they’ll feel valued and see that you’re not trying to take advantage of them.
  • Planning for your own evolution. Consider the ways your own role will change as the company grows, and ensure that you continue to guide employees regardless of how big your team becomes.

As a leader, you must ensure that your core values remain a prominent part of your culture as the company grows. This empowers the business and individual members of your team to advance together with a shared sense of purpose and a strong, enduring commitment to realizing your performance goals.

Read the third in our series of Connections to Growth: Team guides, Tactics and Tech to Put Your People on Paths to Growth, to learn how growing as an organization leads to long-term success.

Consider your five- and 10-year targets for your company. What does success look like in that timeframe?

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