Innovative Fan Experiences, Powered by WiFi Connectivity & Analytics


As the convenience and technology improves at-home game viewing experiences, stadiums and other large event venues need to remain competitive when it comes to the fan experience. The concessions need to be convenient, the entertainment needs to be top-notch and, most importantly, the venue staff need to be able to anticipate the needs of fans and provide experiences they just can’t get at home.

WiFi connectivity and IoT beacons throughout the venue are helping provide fans with truly immersive, seamless and connected experiences. Those experiences start from the moment fans arrive and continue throughout the venue as they find and pay for a parking space, navigate the venue app to find their favorite food or t-shirt vendor, and follow interactive digital signage to find their way to their seats. To make this a seamless experience, the venue needs the support of a flexible, secure and reliable connectivity network. An added benefit of all of these connected experiences is the ability to use WiFi connectivity and analytics to optimize operations and fan experiences in new and innovative ways.

Operational Improvements with Aggregate Data

WiFi analytics for sports and entertainment events are an opportunity to enhance experiences based on customer preferences and patterns. With this aggregate data, operations teams can gather important insights about the fans and make important adjustments to operational flow to help everything runs smoothly.

For example, wireless ticket scanners provide the necessary data to make adjustments in the traffic flow to prevent congestion at peak times. This also allows venue operations teams to be ready for spikes in things like food and drink runs and even peak bathroom times. Operations teams can use this aggregate data to stock up on supplies and handle food prep in a timely manner that not only supports demand, but also ensures the health and safety of fans.

WiFi Helping Power Next Level Personalization

WiFi can also be an invaluable tool for helping marketing teams to enhance fan experiences with a better understanding of individual fan preferences. Here’s an example of how this can play out: A season ticket holder watches their favorite hockey team play and always enjoys the same burger and domestic draft beer while at the game. During the first face off of the season, they logged into WiFi and answered a couple questions about their food and drink preferences. At the next game, when that fan enters the venue, they are greeted with a personalized “Welcome back” message, as well as a coupon for half off a domestic beer at a new concession stand in the arena. In this example, the venue has effectively turned WiFi from a utility to a way to deliver hyper-personalized offers and increase spending of repeat customers.

By using WiFi analytics, venue marketing teams can engage with fans in real-time by greeting first-time venue goers with wayfinding tools and info on venue app; rewarding loyal fans with coupons and insider perks; and promoting team store and concessions on the splash page.

Powering Innovation

For entertainment venues, getting fans to purchase tickets is their number one priority. To keep them coming back, they also need to provide an experience like no other. And as event venues continue to innovate, they need a network with the speed, security, and agility to scale with them. A great example of an innovative use of connectivity is Comcast Business’ recently announced collaboration that brings private 5G networks to a popular sports and entertainment venue to support the need for high-speed wireless Internet.

Technology is redefining how venues operate by opening new sources of revenue through enhanced fan engagement. Help your business stay ahead of fan expectations with reliable connectivity, secure solutions, and the network that can deliver Gig speed to power amazing experiences.

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WiFi analytics are helping venues cater to fan preferences - keeping them coming back for more

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