Executing Your Evolution

April 22, 2016
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What worked for you as a company founder may not lead to success in the C-suite. The motivations, goals, and even personality types involved are often seen as fundamentally different, and without question, you can’t make a genuine shift from owner to CEO without making some hard choices about your role in the company.

In fact, if you’re unwilling to let go of some of the roles you love, you may very well stunt the growth of your company. Ask yourself:

  • Am I willing to step away from some of the areas of the business that speak deeply to me and not micromanage?
  • Am I able to define the difference between coaching people toward excellence and “over managing?”
  • Can I take my hands off the wheel and help my people become fully independent, empowered, and inspired to do the work their way?

It can be difficult to let go. But remember that you didn’t launch the business because you excelled at certain tasks. You founded the company because you had a vision and the capacity to create an organization with growth potential. By delegating tasks, you free up your own time to continue to work on that vision and promote that growth.

Read the fourth in our series of Connections to Growth guides, Entrepreneur to CEO: Making the Transition, to learn how you can make the tough choices that can help position your people—and your company—for growth.

Moving into the C-suite often means a shift in mindset—and letting go of some of what you love.

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