Finding Your Best Customers

July 03, 2017
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Relevance is the driving force in targeted marketing. Prospective customers want to know how well your products and services are tailored to their needs and how much experience you have serving others like them.

Optimizing Your Customer Pipeline, a free guide from Comcast Business, can help you identify more promising prospects and customize meaningful messages for them. The guide will help you build a pipeline of prospects most likely to hear your message, offer resources geared to building detailed customer profiles, a template you can use as a starting point for gaining a deeper understanding of customer needs, preferences and more.

Learn more about the tactics and technology you can use to build your customer base and grow your business in Optimizing Your Customer Pipeline, the latest Connections to Growth guide from Comcast Business. Check out the entire Connections to Growth series.

It starts with meeting the needs—and the needs of people like—your customers.

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