Gaining Speed: Living Without the Lag

August 31, 2017
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There’s nothing more frustrating than a visible slowdown in download speeds. You get into the office early and fire your computer up. Email, online apps, web searches…they’re all moving quickly and you’re getting things done. Then, your team starts to stream into the office and their computers and other network-connected devices—printers, cash registers, and peripherals—are powered up. Suddenly, that fast connection lags, and so does your productivity.

In our “Business at Gig Speed” post, we outlined optimal internet speeds based on connected devices. The fact is, when multiple people use a single connection, more devices take up the finite bandwidth of that connection. As each device connects to the network, it’s allocated a smaller portion of the available bandwidth, which means that data transfer is slower and that’s when lag occurs.

Enter 1 Gig, or 1,000 Mbps (megabits per second) speed. At 20 times faster than the average national bandwidth speed, 1 Gig speed means lightning-fast downloads, improved access to applications in the cloud, and the virtual elimination of lag for up to 100 connected devices.

Getting in front of the need for speed

Changes in the user landscape and technology make the need for 1 Gig speed increasingly important to your business. Take, for example, the number of connected devices. Since 2000, according to recent data from the Media Research Group (MRG), the number of connected devices in the average household or small business has grown at a rapid rate, constraining network speed and strength. In 2000, there was a single network-connected device. By 2015, that number rose to 10. In 2020, connected devices may skyrocket to 25 to 30 or more per network.

Part of what will drive the continued ramp-up in connected devices is the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT). The number of devices with “smart sensor” technology, which allows them to access the web and networks, is rapidly increasing. Wearables, nesting thermostats, smart refrigerators—they’re all part of IoT’s speedy growth and they all use bandwidth. And IoT’s trajectory is impressive. Business Intelligence notes that, by 2019, IoT may mean that nearly 35 billion devices, including everything from laptops, tablets, and smartphones, to smart TVs and cars, will be connected to the internet, up from about 10 billion in 2014.

If you’re looking to push productivity now and prepare for future connectivity needs, 1 Gig speed can position your business to live without the lag.

To learn more about putting 1 Gig speeds to work for your business, visit Comcast Business, or call us at (877) 507-5470.

Making the move to 1 Gig means ditching the slowdown caused by multiple devices.

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