Humanize Your Brand to Engage Customers

January 08, 2016

You are aware that having a well-designed website and active social media accounts is a recipe for success when attempting to build a community around your brand. However, you may be hesitant to add a sense of personality to your content because you fear it makes your company seem unprofessional. In a world where 52 percent of adults have at least two social media accounts, according to PewResearch Center, you may be missing an opportunity to really connect with people because of this fear, and your marketing efforts fall short of your goals. By adding a touch of your company culture to your website and a personal voice to your social media posts, your business can make your brand much more approachable for potential clients. Here are some suggestions on how you can humanize your brand.

Add People to Your Website

When attempting to add a touch of culture to your website, the main goal is to give visitors the sense that your company is run by real people. One of the easiest things you can do is add a little personality to your company’s “About Us” page. Have your team members write short bios that include their hobbies and interests or something that expands upon them as people beyond their positions at the company.

Another great option is to add client testimonials to your product or service pages so visitors can see the positive effect your work has on your clients.

Add Your Voice to Social Media

When used effectively, social networking platforms expand the reach of your brand beyond the people in your immediate social network. According to a report by Social Media Examiner, 50 percent of marketers attribute their increased sales to their social media work. Facebook is by far the most popular social media site for business, and it’s one of best places to focus your attention when getting started.

Whatever platform you use, the real key to success on social media is to not just distribute content; you also need to engage your followers by adding a human element to your posts. Although you may think you are playing it safe by only posting company announcements, it actually portrays your brand as a faceless entity instead of a collection of human beings working as a team. A great way to add personality is to consider the types of conversations people would have if you held an open house or community party in your office. While most of the conversations would be related to the business, guests would also offer their opinions and ask others to share their ideas as well.

The next time you post on social media, include an opinion from someone on your team, ask your audience what they think or tag relevant people in your post. Depending on your company culture, you could also share something that isn’t entirely business-related, such as the fact that two of your employees spent their weekend volunteering at a local shelter or your President just completed a triathlon. By adding the faces and names of real people to your content, your social network becomes more emotionally evolved with your brand and you begin to develop a rapport with your social following.

This article originally appeared on Imagine.

Make your brand more approachable for potential clients by adding a touch of your company culture to your website.

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