I4E 2015 Profiles: Cinesaurus

July 20, 2015

Cinesaurus is a Seattle-based creative production studio that tells stories through film, visual effects and animation. Founded in 2010 by two brothers—Steven and David Hudson—the company emphasizes its creative and storytelling capabilities, as well as its production prowess.

The team at Cinesaurus manages projects from story development through editorial to final delivery. They are constantly shooting, editing, uploading, downloading, and sharing terabytes of video files to complete projects on fast deadlines. This bandwidth-intensive process requires a robust IT infrastructure to ensure timely rendering of large, 5K resolution video files in real time.

Rather than relying on external IT and data center services to support production, which is cost prohibitive for a small and growing business, the Hudson brothers are looking to deploy next-generation server technology to create a “mini” data center on site. With these capabilities in its technology arsenal, Cinesaurus would be able to more rapidly share files across its office and take on bigger projects. This way instead of worrying about having enough storage space, they can spend more time creating the content they love.

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Learn how I4E Regional Winner, Cinesaurus, is leveraging technology in their business.

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