Making the Business Case for Unified Communications

November 27, 2018
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Why switch to unified communications (UC)? It’s a way to integrate all the contemporary means of communication under one umbrella. It makes voice communications, emails, texts, documents, audio and video files, conferencing, and all the rest function seamlessly—and to do so equally well from desktop or mobile devices. It offers full interoperability regardless of the platforms, apps, and operating systems involved. UC is the kind of holistic communication and collaboration system that keeps big businesses running at full speed. But there’s even more to making the business case:

  • It offers a range of benefits. UC solutions can streamline communications and collaboration, support real-time decision-making, boost productivity, and enable true mobility in your workplace.
  • It more than pays for itself. The potential for long-term savings that recoup the initial investment reflects the practicality of what a unified communications solution replaces and what tasks it takes off your plate permanently. For example, you no longer have to manage or maintain the PBX or the server, and you no longer need the space to house them.
  • It means potential revenue gains. As a business owner, you’re always monitoring and looking for ways to optimize cash flow. A UC subscription model that covers third-party maintenance of your hardware and software can generate a long-term reduction in monthly expenses and the capital expenditures required to maintain your system. That frees cash flow for reinvestment in your core business.

In addition, cloud-based unified communications solutions reduce your need to either maintain internal telecom specialists or outsource your technology support. Your hardware and system maintenance and upgrades are included in the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) package.

Read the Unified Communications: Making the Business Case guide to learn more about how unified communications can save time and money, all while making your business more productive.

This investment upgrades your communications capacity. It also supports your strategy for managing long-term costs and growing your business.

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