Optimizing Your Customer Pipeline

June 16, 2017
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What do your customers and prospects want? And what steps can you take to ensure that they continue to see you as a valuable solution provider? The answers to those questions—and the path to your company’s continued success—increasingly depend on technological tools used optimally in support of human activity.

Optimizing Your Customer Pipeline, a free guide from Comcast Business, outlines a range of approaches—including effectively targeting your best customers, leveraging CRM and related data, finding and maximizing sales platforms and apps, and much more—that can help power your customer pipeline for growth.

Learn more about the tactics and technology you can use to build your customer base and grow your business in Optimizing Your Customer Pipeline, the latest Connections to Growth guide from Comcast Business. Check out the entire Connections to Growth series.

Automation is changing marketing again—this time, by empowering marketers to focus on relationships and results.

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