Put the Power of Emerging Tech to Work for Your Business

September 08, 2017
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Technology has become everyone’s business. Companies that fail to keep up with it risk failing entirely. But your technology watch list gets longer all the time, and you can’t afford to let running your business take a back seat to staying informed about the latest tools and trends. The good news is that you don’t have to. By defining the challenges your company faces, you can tune out distractions and focus on trends that support the solutions you’re developing.

In today’s market, taking advantage of these three trends can have an impact on your company’s performance:

  • The Internet of Things (IoT). IoT has the potential to improve processes and operating efficiencies, automate utility use and increase energy efficiency, and address both expense management and top-line growth challenges.
  • Evolution of the cloud. As the volume of business data grows and our access to it anywhere, at any time grows, the cloud gives us an unprecedented capacity to respond to customers’ questions and address their problems in real time. This merger of data analytics and the cloud is a key tool in strengthening customer relationships and being seen not just as a product vendor or service provider, but rather as a partner in supporting customers’ business objectives.
  • Disruptive business models. What does it take to spark disruption? Even small ideas and incremental changes can have a big impact. Think about how you’re interacting with your suppliers, your customers, and the people who need to work with you as a part of your business. Their needs may drive you to adopt technologies you hadn’t thought about.

Utilizing and harnessing these trends doesn’t have to shake up your company or entire industry. Companies are discovering that even small changes can deliver a significant return in terms of relationships, productivity, and profitability.

Read the Emerging Technology: Harnessing the Power of “What’s Next” for Your Business guide to learn how you can leverage the latest technology for growth.

From the Internet of Things to mobility and the cloud, technology is giving your company unprecedented capacity for disruption.

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