Re-Thinking Your Cash Flow Strategies

May 01, 2017
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Some cash flow management strategies are simply no-brainers, like taking a conservative approach to expenses by paying for them in cash. But it might make sense to take a fresh look at your approach to managing cash flow; one that can help you truly leverage and improve your cash position with almost every interaction.

Finding Hidden Cash Flow Gold, a free guide, offers several options regarding a strategic approach to managing expenses and cash flow. For example, you may want to consider switching to a credit card that offers cash-back rewards. As long as you pay the balance in full each month, you defer payment of those purchase costs by one 30-day cycle without incurring interest expenses. Using mobile payments gives your customers more choice and can save you money. Take advantage of tax credits—direct credits against what you owe, not deductions—geared specifically for small business.

Learn more about the cash flow and expense management tactics and technology you can use to grow your business in Finding Hidden Cash Flow Gold. Check out the entire Connections to Growth series.

Taking a fresh look at expense management and cash flow tactics can help uncover opportunities for growth.

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