Smart Technology Choices Spur Growth

December 16, 2015
Smart Technology Choices Spur Growth 856x402

“There are two things you should think about before you get a device or product,” states journalist, author, and TED speaker Damon Brown. “First, is it going to help your business by making it run smoother so you can increase your productivity and reach your financial goals? Second, and just as importantly, will this device help your customers?”

The customer component is essential because no matter how innovative a platform may be, it won’t serve your business needs if your customers don’t like it or can’t understand how to use it. Virtual customer support, for example, won’t gain widespread acceptance if your customers perceive that your telephone support team is better informed and more responsive. Your advantage as a small business owner is that you have a line of communication with your customers and can solicit their input as you assess strategies for introducing technologies intended to serve them better.

Beyond business performance and customer considerations, you need to find functionality that will support your business model and objectives. When considering integrating new technology into your systems and processes, you need to ask several questions, such as:

  • Which companies in my industry are using this solution, and what capabilities have they gotten as a result that I need to remain competitive?
  • What is the purpose of this technology? Is it intended primarily to improve operations, enhance productivity, market more effectively, strengthen customer relationships, manage data, or support employees?
  • What organizational changes will implementation of this solution require?

Considering performance, end-user needs, and the right features and functionality can help guide the right technology choices you make for your company..

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Choosing solutions that work for your business involves a range of related issues. Will it grow your business? Will your customers embrace it? What will it take to implement it? Answering these questions up front can help you optimize your technology choices.

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