Taking a Deeper Dive Into Unified Communications' Benefits

December 06, 2018

You’ve probably already heard how unified communications solutions can streamline communications and collaboration, support real-time decision-making, boost productivity, and enable true mobility in your workplace. But what does that mean in real terms? What outcomes can you expect when you make this investment?

  • It’s a contextual solution. This means it treats each component of communication—voice, email, instant messaging, and so forth—as part of a whole. One advantage that you’ll see immediately is the way it plays to each employee’s, customer’s, and vendor’s preferences without asking anyone else to change their style.
  • It frees you from mobile constraints. Often, mobility is presented in terms of the ability to work from home or on the road, or the freedom to hire remote workers when you need talent that isn’t available locally. But Chris Ross, executive director of UCaaS at Comcast Business Services, points out that this solution frees you from mobility constraints you may feel within your own workplace. Let’s say you get a call from a vendor, and you need to run the information you’re receiving by your finance department, check in with inventory, and review a couple of spreadsheets. With unified communications, you’re empowered to do all that simultaneously from a single device.
  • It grows with you. Unified communications offers exponential growth. “The number of communications possibilities is exponential, and this solution is designed to scale as new communications capabilities emerge,” adds Ross. It gives you the ability to continually tune your business.”

In addition to those specific benefits, UC offers full interoperability regardless of the platforms, apps, and operating systems involved. It’s a holistic communication and collaboration system that can keep you running at full speed.

Read the Unified Communications: Making the Business Case guide to learn more about how unified communications can conform to your needs, maximize mobility, and scale with you.

Unified communications can be tailored to your needs, grows with you, and more.

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