Taking the Reins: Mapping the Journey From Entrepreneur to Leader

July 06, 2016

How do you make the leap from entrepreneur to CEO? We asked a panel of experts to share their perspectives on what it takes to create and maintain a successful organization as its CEO. In this “Connections to Growth” webinar, moderator Julie Wilson (founder/Executive Director of the Institute for the Future of Learning) is joined by Gene Marks (owner of Marks Group PC, a highly successful small business that provides technology and consulting services) and Ramon Ray (Small Business Evangelist at Infusionsoft, publisher of Smart Hustle Magazine and Technology Evangelist at Smallbiztechnology.com) to discuss how to:

  • Transform your role and build new skill sets
  • Find your management style
  • Harness the power of change
  • Create and sustain a “learning organization”
  • Use technology as a lever to lead


Watch the archived session below.

How do you make the leap from entrepreneur to CEO? A panel of experts shares their perspectives.

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