The Keys to Giving Customers What They Want

August 07, 2017

What do customers need from your company? To answer that question accurately and profitably, you need to listen before you pitch specific products, services, or solutions. Throwing everything out there before you actually know what the client needs can end up working against you. So how can you best gauge customer needs?

  • Make sure you can back up your claims. Before you get carried away by enthusiasm in pursuit of new business, the company needs to be sure it has the ability to deliver on its promises, either on its own or in collaboration with vendors, partners, or subcontractors. Make sure, too, that the customer’s expectations are realistic and not a risk factor in themselves.
  • Manage expectations. Managing expectations means having contingency plans in place for when a promotion goes bad—or goes so much better than anticipated that the company is overwhelmed or inventory is exhausted. Be prepared with communications that keep customers informed, and let them know how the company is managing the issue. Make sure to get the word out across all communication channels: social media, email, text, the website or e-commerce site, and in any online paid advertising that can be updated.
  • Work to understand the customer journey. From discovery and research/education, through transaction and relationship building, know the steps the customer takes before, during, and after any purchase.

Ensuring that you and your customers understand one another and are on the same page sets the stage for your team to begin a relationship with a customer who is delighted rather than disappointed or dismayed by your service. Your products and solutions—and for that matter, your individual employees’ conduct—cannot fall short of the standard captured in your marketing message.

Read the Connections to Growth: Turning Outreach into Revenue guide to learn more about maximizing the customer journey to give the people what they want. 

It starts with knowing that you can deliver on your promises

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