The Power of Transformative Technology

February 11, 2016
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The fundamental challenges confronting small business owners don’t change. Building and sustaining customer relationships, improving operating efficiencies, maximizing employee productivity, marketing successfully in a competitive environment, and finding time to manage operations and growth are entrepreneurial evergreens, as familiar a century ago as they are today. But technological advances have revolutionized the way companies address these challenges. And the solutions that these technologies make possible are no longer exclusively available to large corporations. Small business owners now have access to these solutions and their power to transform not only the workplace, but their companies’ competitive position in the marketplace.

But making technology a catalyst for change takes time. The process requires an investment of time, thought, and planning to ensure that your technology roadmap reflects and supports your business mission and objectives. Three keys that can make it work successfully?

  • It’s essential to identify technologies that are appropriate to your current needs;
  • Find solutions that can scale as your small business evolves, introduces new products or services, or expands into new industries or geographic regions; and
  • Take into account interoperability issues in making your technology—and business—all work seamlessly.

By planning for both immediate and long-term technology network needs, your employees can conduct business efficiency and your customers can experience seamless online interactions with your company.

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Technology can work to help you grow, provided you find and implement seamless solutions

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