To Spark Transformation, Target Your Pain Points

February 18, 2016

Getting the greatest return on your technology begins with learning what’s not working. It requires looking at the operation from a perspective you may not have before. You’re looking with a more critical eye and asking:

  • Where are outdated manual processes that consume needless time and energy?
  • Where are we spending time and seeing either fewer, or no results?
  • Where are things simply not getting done?

Getting a wide range of input from the CEO, managers, and employees in the trenches helps identify opportunities to introduce technologically-driven efficiencies and correct disconnects in internal communications. Employees’ suggestions are valuable because they have a different perspective on customers’ and vendors’ perceptions, and the company needs to take each of those points of view into account when planning a technology solution.

Read the third guide in our Connections to Growth series, The Power of Transformative Technology, to learn how finding your pain points—and the solutions to free them up—can position you for growth.

Knowing where your key bottlenecks are gives you the opportunity to remove obstacles to your company’s growth.

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