Why Content Upgrades Are Revolutionizing the Art of Lead Capture

September 13, 2016

Most business owners think the email address is the holy grail of lead information. With an email address, you can contact a lead, follow up on any purchase, and even distribute any form of downloadable content. You want your website and content to be optimized to the point where you can capture those email addresses from as many of your visitors as possible.

But customers know what their information is worth. They don’t want their inbox loaded with spam. So they demand something in return for their information.

Marketers are always trying to find a way to offer these customers something worthy of giving up their information right when they want it. Content upgrades have become the gold standard in this regard.

What is a Content Upgrade?

Content upgrades are small but valuable pieces of content that are tied to a related blog post. Think of them as “Next Steps” for the customer who likes what they saw in the blog post or landing page.

For instance, if you have a blog post on the “10 things you must do to your home to prepare for winter,” a content upgrade may be a downloadable, step-by-step guide to winterizing your pipes.

The idea here is not to give them too much information - just something practical, and useful. I’ve found that longer, more complicated pieces of content don’t convert as well as a checklist or a short PDF.

This means that everyone who downloads the content upgrade not only has engaged with your content in a positive way, but they want to know more. These are not cold leads; they’re already warm to your message and your expertise.

Why Are Content Upgrades So Great?

Not only are the leads captured in a content upgrade warm, but you can segment them based on the content they downloaded. You have a bit of information about how you can reach out to them in the future.

Depending about how customized you want to get, you can create follow-up email drip campaigns for every content upgrade you create. Your leads will feel remembered and important because you’re following up with knowledge of what they’re interested in.

You also double-up, turning one blog post into two promotable, desirable pieces of content.

The bottom line is clear: Content upgrades are the best new way to collect leads on your website.

This article originally appeared on Inc.

Content upgrades are a simple and incredibly effective way to capture lead information.

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