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Why Advanced Network Tech is Key to Winning the “Loyalty Battle” in Hospitality

The editors of Hospitality Technology magazine interview Comcast Business’ Donna Cobb to discuss the rapidly evolving consumer expectations in the hospitality space and why hospitality providers must keep pace with the right technology foundation.

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Accelerating Financial Services’ Digital Transformation

Financial services companies face multiple challenges that are driving the need for digital transformation (DX). The proliferation of mobile applications, spurred by the demands of new consumers with radically different views of how banking should be done, have added substantial complexity to how financial services are provided. This white paper explores the evolution of financial services offerings, the evolving demands of customers who expect frictionless experiences and the new requirements shaping how network infrastructure must evolve to meet these new demands.

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How Predictive Analytics & A Strong Network Create Delightful Customer Experiences

In today’s digital business environment, organizations thrive or perish based on their customer experience (CX). Predictive analytics are emerging as a tool for organizations to be proactive, not reactive, in serving personalized CX and understanding the needs of the market in general. In turn, companies will need to evolve their networks to support the data volume and speed that an analytics-centric business strategy requires.

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Reducing Business Friction to Deliver Better Experiences

Across all industries, friction of any kind can make the difference between repeat customers and lost revenue opportunities for businesses. Learn about the impact of business friction, and how businesses can avoid friction with the right network infrastructure.

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The 6 Most Valuable Insights You Can Gather From Your Guest WiFi Network

Modern analytics have moved guest WiFi from a consumer-goodwill cost center to a source of valuable information about your customers and preferences, as well as trends and patterns around your business. Your guest WiFi data can provide valuable information you can use to enhance customer experience, reimagine marketing, and drive new revenue.

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How Small Business Owners Can Build Community with Social Media

Life is busy as a small business owner, with many forgoing vacations and avoiding time out of the office. With the right technology solutions, though, small business owners can build efficiencies and stay connected (or as connected as they want to be) from anywhere.

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Keeping Pace in Hospitality Means Delivering Technology that Makes Guests Feel at Home

To keep pace with consumer expectations and increase loyalty and revenue, the hospitality industry will need to offer a host of technology-enabled experiences, from high-quality in-room entertainment and guest service mobile apps to voice capabilities and personalization. Enabling these next generation hospitality experiences will require hotels to have the foundational technology in place, including wide-area connectivity, robust wireless service, back-office integration, and overall network security.

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Understanding Customers’ Online Habits to Create Stronger Bonds

An optimal social media strategy means knowing what each channel does best, and how the demographics align with your current and prospective customers.

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Always-on Connectivity with Comcast Business

In today’s business world, bandwidth is crucial. More devices and the move to cloud are straining already overloaded connections. If you aren’t always on and always connected, you’re behind the curve. You need a network that works as fast as you do.

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Get a Business Voice Service That Goes Everywhere You Do

Smart business calls for smart voice services that are as agile as you are. Missing a client call could mean a lost sale, and missing an internal call could mean that employees are left confused or without direction.

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The Future of TV for Small Business Owners

Customers don’t want one-channel-for-everyone TV anymore - they need the crystal-clear, full-video experience they have become accustomed to at home.

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Improve CX with WiFi that Knows What Your Customers Want

Public WiFi is the norm, at many small businesses, but using the same network for guests as business operations can lead to slowdowns and bottlenecks.

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Going Green: It's Good for Business

Small businesses are ideally suited to be sustainable leaders in their communities. Learn how integrating an environment focus into your operations can improve profits, enhance employee morale and engagement, and even attract and retain customers.

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